Chris James Thompson began his career assisting director Chris Smith with credits on ‘The Pool’ and ‘Collapse’. His directorial feature debut ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Files‘ premiered in competition at SXSW, was acquired and released theatrically by IFC, and was declared a New York Times Critic’s Pick in 2013. His other films include: ‘MECCA: The Floor‘ for ESPN 30-for-30 which won an Emmy for Short-Format Series, and ‘The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers‘ which premiered at Sundance and was acquired by CNN Films to premiere on The Anderson Cooper Show. His company Good Credit Productions edits feature fiction & non-fiction films – most recently ‘Chasing Bubbles’ (YouTube), ‘Pet Names‘ (AmazonStudios), & ‘Plucked‘ (Tribeca). He also makes films and music videos for the bands Bon Iver and Sylvan Esso. ‘We Are not Ghouls’ is his second feature film as a director/editor.


Lt Col Yvonne Bradley (US Air Force JAG) was the military defense attorney on Binyam Mohamed’s case. She served in the Air Force JAG program for 25+ years, and was awarded the Meritorious Service Award from the US Air Force Reserve, and the Defense Joint Service Medal from the Department of Defense, among other awards. Yvonne also previously represented indigent clients on Pennsylvania’s death row. She is now retired and volunteers at the Delaware County Public Defenders Office.

Binyam Mohamed was born in Ethiopia and became a Resident of the UK. He was detained in 2002 in Pakistan during the war on terror, rendered by the CIA to black sites, declared an enemy combatant by the US and held at Guantanmo bay from 2005-2009. Charges against him were dropped twice, and he was released back to the UK in 2009.

Clive Stafford Smith was the civilian attorney defending Binyam Mohamed alongside Yvonne Bradley. He is a civil rights and death penalty attorney in both the US and UK, and as a civilian attorney he has represented more than 80 of the detainees held at Guantanamo Bay. He helped found the Louisiana Capital Assistance Center, is the co-founder of Reprieve UK, & most recently 3DCentre. In 2005 he received the Gandhi International Peace Award.

Lt Col Darrel Vandeveld was the prosecutor on Binyam Mohamed’s case. Darrel previously served in Bosnia, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, and has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Iraqi Campaign Medal, among other awards. In 2007 he served as a prosecutor on 5 cases in the Military Commissions at Guantanamo Bay. Vandeveld resigned from his post at Guantanamo after concluding that he could not ethically or legally prosecute the case of detainee Mohammad Jawad.

Stephen Grey is the author of ‘Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program’; which detailed the CIA’s rendition of Binyam Mohamed. He is London-based writer and reporter for the Reuters news agency. He has covered the subject of national security in its many forms, including terrorism, the work of security agencies, as well military conflict, including in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Janet Hamlin was one of the first illustrators allowed into Guantanamo Bay as a courtroom sketch artist, and drew pictures for the media of Yvonne Bradley & Binyam Mohamed at their first hearing. Janet works from New York where she illustrates for Time Warner, Universal Studios, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, IBM, HarperCollins, & AP, and others.